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Walk-In Clinic for Dogs and Cats

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7329 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
(865) 684-4757

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Open Everyday 11am-7pm

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Quick and affordable preventive and veterinary care to keep your pet well with ease.

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What is the easyvetclinic?

The easyvetclinic provides convenient, time-efficient, affordable veterinary care on an outpatient basis to pet owners. Specifically, we offer three pillars of care: preventive care, treatment of minor ailments, and management of chronic disease and other health conditions.

Preventive Care

Low cost vaccinations, heartworm, flea and other preventive medications, as well as routine annual lab tests like fecals and heartworm tests.

Minor Ailments

We treat anything your pet has that does not require surgery, hospitalization, or xrays. Conditions like ear infections, cough, skin issues, minor cuts and scrapes, etc

Health Management

If your pet has arthritis, seizures, skin allergies or some other chronic condition like obesity that has become too expensive to manage then come see us. We offer low cost drug monitoring and low cost medications like Rimadyl(arthritis) and Atopica (skin allergies).