Dr. Alison Cowie

Dr. Alison Cowie is a practicing veterinarian in Knoxville, TN with many years of experience as a DVM and in vet med. After getting her BA, BS, going through the US Army Flight School, and getting her DVM, Dr. Cowie continues to learn and is currently also working on her PhD.

Dr. Cowie takes a very systematic approach with her treatment style and values being thorough. She strives to provide valuable explanations for pet parents and to ensure quality is the top priority with each client.

If she’s not working with your pets, Dr. Cowie can be found in the lab or in the great outdoors. She runs a farm with her 4 dogs and 4 horses and enjoys every minute of it. She classifies herself as a nerd, is well-travelled, and is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves.

Treating at:

Knoxville, TN
(865) 409-1702
2040 Town Center Blvd, Knoxville, TN 37922

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Accepting New Clients
Specializing in Pet Wellness
Pocket Pets
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